The GW Allies are a safe and confidential resource for all LVK members. Our goal is to foster an inclusive and harassment-free environment. If you experience harassment or bullying, the GW Allies will provide you with a safe space to discuss your options and how you want to proceed. We are a judgement-free zone.

If you are uncomfortable, if comments or attention are unwanted, it is harassment. The Allies will help you however we can. Anything you tell an Ally is kept confidential, and you are always in control of how you want to proceed. We will help when we are called. We believe you.

At LVK meetings, the Allies will have a presence at LVK-organised sessions and events. Worried about someone who makes you feel uncomfortable interacting with you while presenting a poster? We can be in the background discreetly, ready to change the conversation if needed. Overindulged at the LAAC party? We are on hand to help you get back to your hotel safely. Experienced inappropriate behaviour from a colleague, and not sure how to proceed? Tell an Ally your story, and we can help you explore your options confidentially - Allies will never act without your permission.

Harassment is not something limited to collaboration meetings. Allies are available at all times via email at Emails sent to this address are only seen by the GW Allies coordination team, and will never be shared without your consent. You are also welcome to contact any of the GW Allies individually.

Allies at your host institution may be mandatory reporters in cases of harassment, but we will always be able to put you in contact with an Ally at a different institution to ensure complete confidentiality.

LVK collaboration members are changing physics history. The GW Allies aim to foster an environment within the LVK that is worthy of its world-class researchers.