Building an inclusive community

Fostering a productive environment free of bullying and harassment takes the support and involvement of the entire LVK community. See the resources page to read up on how to support your colleagues and prevent harassment and bullying.

Want to know more about the Allies?

At LVK meetings, we will all be wearing the official Ally badge, and encourage you to approach us at any time to talk about GW Allies! At any other time, we are reachable via email at, which is sent to the coordination team.

Interested in becoming an GW Ally?

We want to grow slowly and carefully. The GW Allies are currently invitation-only to ensure a thorough vetting process and to keep the Allies a safe place to everyone. If you know one of the Allies, reach out to indicate your interest — we look forward to hearing from you.

LVC Allies Button
The official LVC Allies badge.
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